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From April 29, 2013 enters into force new rules and regulations for air transportation of goods by companies that are interested in obtaining the known consignor status, thus benefiting from the exemption of the subsequent screening and costs, they must apply to the earliest to INAC for the opening of the respective process (click here).


The transport of live animals is subject to various regulatory standards that exist in order to ensure safe transport and in good condition.

For shipping animals by air standards are issued by IATA. The most common situation is the transport of pets (dogs and cats) that are also subject to the standards ranging from the necessary documentation (depending on Country and where they travel), requirements of airlines, requirements of shipping boxes , vaccine treatments, etc.

We are proud to collaborate with various organizations and companies in the sending and receiving of live animals.

For detailed information you can contact us and also check the following links:
- In the case of transport to the UK - DEFRA;
- Calculation of the minimum dimensions of IAG Cargo shipping box - click here


Angola and Mozambique represent business opportunities and development that Portugal needs so much, but even being Lusophone countries there are still some bureaucratic Entreves that exporters should know.
We recommend, in addition to contact us to check all the conditions for the import in these destinations, through the Embassy of Angola (click here) and the Embassy of Mozambique (click here).



The Brazilian community is responsible for a large part of the transport of personal property between Portugal and Brazil.
This type of transport is subject to very strict standards and therefore we advise that in addition to contacting us, check with the consulate - click here - or Brazilian Embassy - click here - and also see the Return Portal - click here.
We offer our services and "know-how" in the transport by air and sea to several places in Brazil.



We have a network of contacts with various agents throughout China that can allow to import their goods quickly and safely.
Contact us.



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Aer Lingus Cargo - www.aerlinguscargo.com
Defra - www.defra.gov.uk
Direcção Geral de Veterinária - www.dgv.min-agricultura.pt
Autoridade Tributária - www.e-financas.gov.pt
Lufthansa cargo - www.lhcargo.com
Tap Cargo - www.tapcargo.com
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